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I just spent a fortune on hardwood floors, why should I cover it with a rug?


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So, why cover those gorgeous hardwood surfaces?

Echoes and noise- Hard surfaces reflect noise, area rugs help manage some of the noise that is life.

Warmth- As cold weather settles in, the hard wood or tile retains the cold. A area rug gives warmth literally by being warmer than the tile or wood and visually gives a feeling of and warmth with the layer of texture.

Expansive hard floors can be slippery- especially when something has spilled or coming in from the elements.

Pets- sometimes have a hard time walking on hard surfaces, and nails can scratch hardwoods.Choosing a the right rug that offers ease of clean ability is ideal in this situation.

Beauty- My personal favorite of reasons, although it may be almost painful to cover up the hardwood or tile surface that is beautiful in its own right, adding a layer of soft textile through area rugs isn’t only functional, but adds a level of beauty that can complete a room. Sometimes just by adding an area rug, you can turn a mediocre room into a well put together, functional, and designed space. Rugs tie design elements together. Sometimes furniture just floats in a space and doesn’t relate to the other elements in the room. Adding a rug gives the furniture a landing spot that groups them together and makes them stronger, design elements.

How To Choose the Right Rug for the Room

Rules for choosing the right sized rug

Rule of “2”- If you have a 10’ x 12’ room, get a rug 2’ smaller than the smallest wall. So, in this room you would need a 8’ x 10’ area rug. Dining room area rugs should be under the table and chairs, even when pulled out. The rule of 2’ applies here by extending 2’ from the edge of the table.

Rules of legs- Furniture legs that is, the rule of thumb is to have all or at least 2 of the furniture legs on the area rug in the room grouping.

Material- Choose what works with your life style. There are many materials. Wool, silk, jute, sisal and other natural grasses, cotton and synthetic to name a few.

Wool is a popular choice, offering natural stain and water resistance. Can be prone to fading.

Silk, a luxurious choice. Good for low traffic areas, can be pricey.

Natural grasses, affordable, typically chemical free, sometimes hard to clean if highly textured.

Cotton is affordable and easy to clean, Cons, can wear easily.

Synthetics are great options for high traffic areas, are easy to clean, cons can look and feel synthetic, often chemically treated. A pro for clean ability, a con for VOC concerns.


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