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Bye Bye White, Hello Shadow 2017 Paint Color Of The Year!

This year's trends are all about living color. 2017 is full of fiery majestic hues. Move over safe taupe, goodbye boring beige. 2017 is for drizzling our lives in the richness of jewels, even if just paint. Luxury is yours with a stroke of the paint brush.

Benjamin Moore Shadow 2117-30 is the “it” color of the year. The previous year’s pick of white was happily replaced with this rich, evocative and dramatic color. Clients are flocking to this complex color and pivoting from years of muted shades of white. So... you just finished painting your home in a nice all over taupe. Are you out of trend? No! Just because this year's trend is color, don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Tan, grey, white and the made up yet very popular greige are all still designer "go to" color palettes. The revival of rich jewel tones is just what this world needs to add a little pizzazz. Still recovering from the fumes of the last paint project, add the 2017 color of the year with pillows, throws, or maybe an area rug and you will be right on trend.

The complexity of Shadow is reflected in its name. A shadow is a changing, illusive effect and just like its namesake, so is Shadow. It’s a tricky color, interesting and lively. It's the nights enigmatic blue sky one moment, and warm purple velvety regalia the next. Looking to add drama instantly, try Shadow on the ceiling. Wanting a powerful statement, use Shadow as an accent wall. Ready for a bold adventure, try Shadow for all over wall and ceiling color in a powder bath. Color shy?? Wish there was a way to try it before you buy it?? You Can!! Read on and see how you can paint before opening a can.

As with any color just because Shadow is Benjamin Moore's 2017 color of the year, doesn’t mean you should paint every room in your house that color. Remember, not every color works for every space. Each space demands special consideration based on lighting, size, fabric, wood and other materials in the room that make each space special. I always recommend personalized paint consultation with a professional.

A professional has the experience and tools to hone in on the perfect color for your particular space. If you want to use a certain color like Shadow, tell your paint specialist, it’s a great starting point.

My Denver Craftsman Couple have a small scale living area and wanted to see what different colors did to the space. Below you can see this years Shadow on the walls of their Craftsman. What do you think?

3D Model Showing Paint Option In Shadow

Denver Craftsman 3D model showing Benjamin Moore Shadow on the walls and Benjamin Moore Lenox Tan on the Ceiling.

Here are a few more options the Denver Craftsman Couple tried on before ever going to the paint store.

3D Model Paint Option Shown In Benjamin Moore Lennox Tan

3D Model Showing Paint Option In All Over Lenox Tan

This is also a great way to determine if painting the ceiling the same color as the walls or another color is the way to go.

3D Model Showing Paint Options In Tate Olive On Walls And Lenox Tan On Ceiling

3D Model Paint Option All Over Mink

3D Model Showing Paint Options In Mink

Which one is your favorite?? Shadow, Lenox Tan, Olive Tate or Mink? Put your favorite in the comments and see if it matches the Denver Craftsman Couple pick.

Want to see how Shadow or another paint color will look in your space? Send me pictures of the room along with dimensions and I can do a 3D model that allows you to try on the color before buying. Learn more about personalized 3D models and paint consultations here.

Be Brave My Friends and Live in Color!

Tammy Kuhn

Evergreen Interior Designs

Looking for some colors that are proven winners. Check out my favorite colors.

Want other design inspiration and tips. Check out my Pinterest Page.


Benjamin Moore Paint trends 2017 discussed. Over the last 16 years of my professional design career in both commercial and residential, Benjamin Moore has been my go to, come back to and now the only paint I spec. I find their colors dependable and brilliant. Not a paid spokesman, I’m just a fan. Want to see more Benjamin Moore Paint trends 2017 visit color trends.

3D models are representations of concepts only. Paint and material selection will look different in the actual space.


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