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Season of Décor – 4 easy tips to get ready for Spring and Summer.

Creating a home that is inspired by and echoes nature is good for the mind and soul.

As humans, psychologically we are prompted to change our suroundings two times a year, during fall and spring. These two main season shifts offer opportunities to change the mood and feeling within a home. Spring is here, and as most of us begin to dig out of our warm hibernation, we yearn for the fresh open air that spring promises. Pantone 2017 Color of the year “Greenery” offers a great starting point to reference as inspiration to freshen up a room. As the name suggests, the color is inspired by the greenery found in

Pantone 2017 Color of the year Greenery

Most people have a natural tendency to do a little spring cleaning. This is the perfect time to also update and make simple changes around the home. Fall and winter typically leave us surrounded in a rich palette full of deep hues designed to help trick our mind into thinking we are protected from the cold and dark that is outside. With spring, more light from the sun graces our homes and signals to us that it is time to “lighten up.”

Here are 4 easy tips to make the transition into Spring and Summer.

1. Pillows. Accent pillows on a sofa, bed or chair are a quick and easy way to instantly change the look and feel of a space. The basic rules for layering pillows are to start with a neutral base or large back pillow that can be used year round. Seasonally change out the middle and small size front pillows to achieve a designer look without spending a fortune. Best thing about pillows is you can store them when not in use, and exchange them out for little cost when they grow old or you are ready for more change.

2. Rugs. As you try to remove any signs of abuse the harsh winter left on your rug, consider replacing with a new look all together. This can be an opportunity to freshen up a space and change a room significantly. Think natural grass like jute or hemp, or possibly an indoor/outdoor rug. Indoor/outdoor rugs have come a long way; they look great and are made with synthetic material that offers extreme durability at an affordable price.

3. Floral and candles. Part of the spring time ritual is to exchange some of the deep red and burnt orange flowers for bright sprigs

of fresh green grass and cheerful yellow flowers. Reflecting what is happening in nature creates a symbiotic relationship between the home and outside. If you can have fresh flowers, fantastic - but silk plants are a great option. Another opportunity for a quick and easy change is to swap out darker candles for lighter versions. Consider swapping the dark burgundy red candle out for a lighter gold or cream version. This simple change can instantly freshen up an arrangement.

4. Paint. Nothing changes a room more dramatically than a fresh coat of paint. The rule of thumb on paint is to select a color that offers the most versatility. Sherwin Williams 2017 Color of the year is neutral enough to change the contents of a room effortlessly, while creating warmth and freshness all at once. Use SW Poised Taupe 6039 as an all over color and the accent colors of spring come alive.

Sherwin Williams 2017 Color of the Year Poised Taupe

Above all else, remember that design should enhance every minute spent inside and create a space that brings joy. Design trends come and go, but nature makes no mistakes. Taking lead from what is in nature will translate into a beautiful and synergetic design sure to enhance the quality of life within your home.

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